Pokemon Dawn
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Pokemon Dawn

Rescue people in an all new adventure in the land of Xayle. Become top pokemon ranger with your pokemon partner.
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Welcome to Pokemon Dawn!
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 Pokemon Ranger Byakuga

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Pokemon Ranger
Name: Byakuga
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Byakuga has spiky hair. It wears ranger clothes as normal ranger do. It has black shoes and sneakers-
Pokedollars: 1000
Personality: Byakuga is happy almost all of the time even tough it dont talk to much. It likes being around pokemon and play with them when there is no mission to do.
History: Byakuga lives in a small town with his parents. He played with them even when he was been a child. He make a lot of Secret Bases for pokemon to live in and it then gave them food. He keep these locations as secret as it dont want pokemon to be harmed. Once it saw on TV about pokemon rangers that protect people pokemon. Mother and father allowed him to become one happily. In the way he encountered a U,breon and with some of items his parents gave him he recovered him then Umbreon decided to become its partner.

Partner Pokemon
Umbreon (Shiny)
Species: Monlight Pokemon
Nickname: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Personality: Umbreon likes watching moon at the night. It is kind to Byakuga and it always give him a help when he need it to pay back for what Byakuga did for him.
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Ranger's name: Mina
Pokedollars: 1000
Partner's Status:

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Ranger Byakuga   Pokemon Ranger Byakuga EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 7:06 pm

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Pokemon Ranger Byakuga
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