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Rescue people in an all new adventure in the land of Xayle. Become top pokemon ranger with your pokemon partner.
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 Template for Ranger and Partner pokemon

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PostSubject: Template for Ranger and Partner pokemon   Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:31 pm

Pokemon Ranger
Name: ((The ranger's name, middle name is he/she has one and last name.))
Gender: ((Male or Female))
Age: ((How old is your character.))
Appearance: (How does the character look like. It can be image or descriptive; eye color, clothes, hair, accessories if he/she has any, etc.))
Pokedollars: ((Each Ranger Starts with 1000 pokedollars))
Personality: (How does your character reacts to others, their personality itself, etc. This has to be at least one line.))
History: ((Which part of Xayle does he/she live in, family members, how she lived her life, how she met her partner pokemon, etc. This has to be at least two lines.))
Other: ((Any other important detail you should tell us. It is optional so you don't need to fill it.))

Partner Pokemon
Species: ((What kind of pokemon is it))
Nickname: ((If it has a nickname, but it's just optional.))
Gender: ((Male, Female or Unknown.))
Personality: ((How does it react to others, what's it's personality towards you, etc. This should be at least one line.))
Other: ((Any other important detail you should tell us. This is just optional.))


Pokemon Ranger
Name: Damia
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: Has light brown hair with dark brown eyes. She tends to wear clothes that are much bigger than she is. Has pale skin witch gets dirty every time she goes outside.
Pokedollars: 1000
Personality: Damia can be such a lazy girl if something is too tough and she can't finish it. She groans about anything and won't listen to anyone, she's that stubborn. But she also had a gentle, soft side. Damia was also a hard worker, taking care of herself alone, that's why she's lazy. Damia can be active if she get's a prize for it. Damia can be selfish at times, but, she really doesn't mean it.
History: Damia lives in Alpon Town with no one but her trusty partner wynaut. She never knew her parents and instead of Damia taking care of her precious wynaut, wynaut takes care of her, until Damia knew how things work and can handle herself alone. How she met wynaut was when she was crying while walking around alone in Alpon Town, when she was very young. She couldn't handle all of the poor shelter in the land so she decided to walk around, but it was a very cold day. Wynaut then came along and spotted this frightened and crying girl. Wynaut brought Damia to an abandoned house where most of the pokemon in Alpon town hide for shelter. Wynaut was very caring and provided them all drinks, oh and something to eat. It was very warm on a cold day like that day was.

When Damia reached the age of seven, she knew everything to do by heart. Great food but tough job and it requires high responsibility. So when anyone approaches her, she'll groan and ignore the person, for there was a lot of things to do. That groaning then turned a habit; she'll do that on every human she doesn't know.

Reaching the age of eleven, she heard of something called a pokemon ranger, protecting citizens and pokemon all around her. "Protecting..." she repeated. It seemed like a nice job. But there's too much work to do, like cleaning up the mess the other pokemons make, which can take over an hour, preparing the food with wynaut and much more. But being a pokemon ranger can help you to protect everyone around you, something Damia enjoys to do.

It then was Damia's twelve birthday. After doing a tiring job of cleaning up, it was time to cook the food. Damia then finally asks wynaut if she can be a pokemon ranger. Wynaut thought for it a long moment and agreed, but wynaut wanted to come along too. So together they went off to the pretty far place called Techno City, searching for the application table.

Other: The other pokemon wynaut was taking care of finally figured out how to take care of themselves, so they will be fine.

Partner Pokemon
Species: Wynaut
Gender: Female
Personality: Loves taking care of anybody in danger. Has a protective heart and laughs with a good heart. Brave and always has energy, will not give up until she completes her mission.

Please note that that was not my real character, it was just an example, no more, no less.


[b]Pokemon Ranger[/b]
Pokedollars: 1000

[b]Partner Pokemon[/b]

If you have any questions then ask them in a PM and not here! If you ask a question here it will be deleted!
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Template for Ranger and Partner pokemon
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