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Rescue people in an all new adventure in the land of Xayle. Become top pokemon ranger with your pokemon partner.
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 Mina Inherited

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Pokemon Ranger
Name: Mina Tia Inherited
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Appearance: Has a nice, pale green shirt, With a long, dark green vest. Usually seen with a big hat. Mina has emerald green eyes, pale skin and long, straight pure black hair. If she's not wearing her big hat she wears a light green bandana with a pokeball sign on it, she says it's a good luck charm and keep it with her always.
Pokedollars: 1000
Personality: Creative and enthusiastic, she's always optimistic and energetic. Running around, doing two things at once. She often trips and gets an injury, but after keep on having them, small injuries like scratches and stuff doesn't hurt her that much. When around people, she was never shy unless around 20 people she doesn't know were looking at her. Other than that, she will have a smile on her face while asking what's their name and will introduce herself.
History: Mina's family is her mom, dad, older brother, older sister, younger brother, younger sister and her older brother's pokemons. Her older brother named Travis has once before went into a pokemon adventure in a region called Berd and finished it. He then returned home to his family. Now, the only thing he does was playing anything involving electronics. Mina's older sister named Midori is a pokemon ranger who right now was traveling the land of Xayle and was on an important mission. Mina's younger sister named Damia loved playing with Travis' pokemons and spend a lot of time with them. Mina's younger brother named Clovis enjoys playing with Travis in video games, but actually has a life and goes outside and plays with Travis's pokemon, he also likes drawing and art, often draws and writes comics and manga for Mina and Travis to read. Mina's mom cooks great food and works hard in the house and at work. Mina's dad goes to work too much that he barely get's home, and on his job, breaks or vacations were rare. Mina helps her mom with everything and takes care of the kids in her family as if she was older than her brother. If Midori was here she would of done that job much better than Mina will ever do, it was suppose to be Midori's job however she was not in the house so yeah.

After feeding Travis' pokemon, Mina spotted a light green egg. Curious, she touched the egg and it began to glow a wondrous light. After the light seized, a light green pokemon with sparkling green eyes appeared. It had a leaf around the same size he was. It blinked at Mina. Mina then fed it an oran berry witch the pokemon seemed to like. Mina then discovered the pokemon was a chikorita. Mina and chikorita became best buddies since then and Mina called her chikorita Herit. Mina also wanted to become a pokemon ranger just like her sister, so off she went to a place called Techno City, seeking the Application Table. But since she lived in Alpon Town, man on how it was far. Mina brought Herit along with her lucky bandana, heading towards Techno City. Herit happily came along.

Partner Pokemon
Species: The Leaf Pokemon, Chikorita.
Mina Inherited Heritthechikorita
Nickname: Herit
Gender: Male
Personality: Just like all chikorita, Herit can be really stubborn, not listening to what people tell them. Herit is actually very loyal to Mina, but not to anyone else. Herit enjoys mango juice. He also is as energetic and enthusiastic as Mina.
Other: Unlike all normal chikoritas, Herit's eyes are green.
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Mina Inherited
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