Pokemon Dawn
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Pokemon Dawn

Rescue people in an all new adventure in the land of Xayle. Become top pokemon ranger with your pokemon partner.
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Welcome to Pokemon Dawn!
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PostSubject: Prologue   Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:23 pm

The land of Xayle lived in peace and harmony with all of the pokemons, there was no care in the world, everybody was following the flow of life. Legends were made, places were studied, ancient rumors resides. But one day, something strange happened. The rumor of the land of Xayle has been realized, the world's balance has been upset again. Someone we don't know, has disturbed a certain pokemon and turned it's heart to pitch black. Then disasters has appeared, the world began to rumble. And if we don't do something quick, Xayle and every innocent person in it, is going to vanish way too soon. Find out the cause, and fast.
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