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 How to capture a pokemon

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PostSubject: How to capture a pokemon   How to capture a pokemon EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 7:34 pm

How to capture a pokemon

Let me show you an example with my character Damia from the template's example. She will try to capture the wild Pichu she has found. You, the RPer, will know how much hoops does it take by checking this page and checking how much bars the pokemon has with the pokedex. It seems like Pichu's attack, defense and speed stat's bars has been a total of 5 bars. Pichu is unevolved so the results are that it takes 3 hoops for Pichu to be captured with a basic styler. This is how the roleplay will be going-like:

Damia wrote:

After obtaining Her basic styler, she has took on her first quest; Capture Midori's lost pichu and bring it back to safety. Wondering how this will turn out, she searched carefully around Techno City, hopping to find Midori's Pichu. Wynaut followed Damia gracefully.
Mod wrote:

Finding a pichu may be harder than you think. There were many Pichu's around Techno City. But witch one is Midori's Pichu? You then saw a group of bouncing Pichus in your way, they passed by. Further in the distance you saw an angry Pichu, punching the ground. What to do?
Damia wrote:

Damia thought of putting the mission finding Midori's Pichu on a quick hold. She head towards Pichu with caution. Unless... Maybe it's Midori's Pichu?! Then there was only one way to to find out. Damia held out her capture styler proudly then circled Pichu once.
Mod wrote:

Pichu saw that you were circling it but it was too late, you already circled once. The circle was nice and round. Pichu then attempted to use charm at both you and wynaut. It had such cute eyes wanting to be freed.
Damia wrote:

Damia was actually about to let Pichu go but then thought of the mission. "No... It still might have been Midori's Pichu and I can't let Midori down. Wynaut, use encore!" Ordered Midori. Midori then attempted to circle Pichu one more time.
Mod wrote:

"Wynaut!" said wynaut in a joyful mood. Wynaut then used encore! Your attempt to circle Pichu was a success! 2 circles down, one more circle to go! Pichu then used charm once more, another attempt to get free.
Damia wrote:

"Alright then..." Damia said. She took a deep breath. She weakily circled Pichu one more time, trying to resist Pichu adorable charm.
Mod wrote:

And capture was success! Pichu then stood there and stretched a bit.

And simple as that! That's how you capture a pokemon. Did you also know that if your targeted pokemon used an offensive move then the hoops count will decrease.
For Example:
Damia wrote:

Damia went outside of the Application Center sadly, that Pichu wasn't even Midori's Pichu! She got the wrong one!
"I guess I have to capture all of the pichus here until I find the right one..." Damia said sadly. It's going to be a tough job looking for Midori's pichu. Damia then noticed a spark. Wondering if it is the pichu, she head right away to the spark. Damia then saw another Pichu! Without hesitating, Damia circled the pichu she's found with her capture styler.
Mod wrote:

You successfully circled Pichu! At first, Pichu didn't do anything about it, pichu yawned, it was kind of sleepy. Now's your chance to do a second hoop.
Damia wrote:

And Damia didn't let that chance slip away. Quickly and carefully, Damia circled pichu once again.
Mod wrote:

Your second hoop was a success. Finally, pichu actually noticed the hoop. How can it have not seen it?! Quickly, it used thundershock on your second hoop! Thundershock broke the second hoop leaving the first hoop unstable. You'll have to do another hoop again. Two hoops left.

So if you have circled only once then the whole circle would break and the targeted pokemon can attempt to run away, if it wants to.

If you have any questions, then go ahead and either post it here, post it in Help or PM ClearDawn Unless it's an obvious question.
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How to capture a pokemon
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